The Ramblers EP

by The Ramblers

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In Europe, until the 18th Century, there was a musical interval that was seldomly played: The diminuished fifth. They called it, the devil's note. Noble ladies would faint upon hearing it.

The North-American slaves knew about this! That's why the first time a screaming crowd ocurred on the history of popular music, it was a blues musician playing. A man. A scale. A guitar. That was the beginning of black music!

Through the voice of sweet "Rosie", the guitar of "Richards" the bass of "Lou", the piano of "Lewis" and the drums of "Ferro", here it is "The Ramblers EP"!

Starting with Gospel and Blues, this EP, produced by "Lewis", explores the north-american black music. Travelling through R&B, Soul, Funk and Rock & Roll. Especially Rock & Roll.

After all, it doens't matter how many decades go by, a diminuished fifth will always be the devil's note! That's why this music is forever!

This is "The Ramblers EP".


released January 26, 2010

The Ramblers are:
Rosie - Vocals
Richards - Guitar
Lou - Bass
Ferro - Drums

Lewis - Keyboards

Bandcamp digital version:

All music by The Ramblers.

All lyrics by "Rosie", except track 2, lyrics by "Richards/Rosie".

All tracks produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by "Lewis", Co-produced by "Lou".

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Lisbon.

Technical credits:
Francisco "Cisco" Pinto - Studio assistant on track 3.

Art direction and design by “Lewis”.

Illustrations by “Rosie” and “Lewis”.

The Ramblers thank all the people who, one way or another helped them to be
what they are.




The Ramblers Lisboa, Portugal

These Gypsy-Bluers are gonna shake yo' fuses, so hold your ground!​

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